First Stakeholder committee meeting held in North Macedonia

The first of multiple planned PAVE stakeholder committtee meetings took place on October 14 2020 in North Macedonia. The meeting was held in the Office of EuroThink in Skopje, and it included Albanian and Macedonian participants. Attendees included representatives from different groups, such as NGOs, Military Academy, religious leaders and the press. Discussions showed that research into the impact of online tools into radicalization as well as the findings of the comparative analysis between field sites in Kosovo and North Macedonia is particulary welcome.

In general, the PAVE stakeholder meetings will help strengthening local ownership of the findings of the project. The purpose of these meetings is to inform the stakeholders on the PAVE project as well as to consult them on the proposed field sites selected for research and to discuss preliminary research questions. The same individuals will be consulted again after the fieldwork is completed to reflect on the findings and jointly derive key recommendations.