PAVE coordinator Berghof Foundation joins RESOLVE network addressing challenges of violent extremism

The PAVE project has strengthened its ties to international expertise on the prevention of violent extremism through its coordinator Berghof Foundation formally joining the RESOLVE network. Hosted at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington D.C., RESOLVE is “a global consortium of researchers and research organizations in agreement that factors contributing to community vulnerability and resilience to violent extremism are contextual.” Given the centrality of these issues for the PAVE project, being a part of the growing RESOLVE network gives us timely opportunities for exchange and collaboration on our respective research results and their policy implications.

In joining this network, Berghof Foundation follows the path of another PAVE consortium member, the Kosovo Center for Security Studies, which is already an active member of RESOLVE. Together with 30 distinguished partner organisations across the globe, we, as members of RESOLVE, will continue to capture and catalyse locally informed research on violent extremism to promote effective policy and practice.

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