Webinar Series by FMSH on “Political participation in its “extreme” Middle Eastern context.”

Countering Violent Extremism in Libya: A Peacebuilding Perspective

PAVE partner organisation Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH) initiated a webinar series on the topic of Political participation in its “extreme” in the Middle Eastern context.

The series takes a new and original approach, bringing together diverse voices to understand the different realities of violence, radicalisation and violent extremism in the region.

By comparing, confronting and criticising public policies and approaches implemented to tackle radicalisation and violent extremism in Middle Eastern and north Africa states, normatively loaded and empirically imprecise understandings of the phenomena are questioned from the bottom-up. During the webinars, insider researchers, stakeholders and practitioners unravel the construction of radicalism and violent extremism in the MENA region, taking the intertwinement of this field with civil, armed, and political engagement, as well as local, national, regional and international contexts into account.

Each session revolves around a country-based research study. Speakers can be either local activists, stakeholders or researchers who’s expertise will shed light on violent extremism and means adopted by different actors to tackle this issue. Covering the topic of “Countering Violent Extremism in Libya: A Peacebuilding Perspective”, the next session in this webinar series investigates violent extremism in Libya in its social and historical context. Bilgehan Öztürk will present his research outlining a consistent strategy for countering violent extremism in the country, based on critical principles of bottom-up peacebuilding. Recommendations from the presented study contains a synthesis of nation-building, state-building, and peacebuilding programmes to address the problem of violent extremism in a sustainable and locally-owned way.

The session will take place Thursday, 16th September from 5pm-6:30pm CEST. For further information and registration, please click here. The language for this session will be English.

To watch our previous sessions, please write to the webinar convenors, Marie Kortam (mkortam@msh-paris.fr) or Mohammed Sharqawi (msharqawi@msh-paris.fr). Please also note that the language may be different from one session to another (Arabic, English or French), without the possibility of translation.